- Jive Talkinī, the "Golden Artist Magazine" and handed over to the Artist of the Year
- Jive Talkinī is Europe's most successful "Bee Gees' Show

"Jive Talkinī" performed in the original outfit the music of the kings from the 70s - the Bee Gees. With the evergreens such as "Night Fever", "Stayin 'Alive" and "Massachusetts" move "Jive Talkinī" her audience in the era of disco fever in the 70s.

The Bee Gees write with her typical falsetto-singing pop history. Since 1967 they compose worldwide on worldwide and belong to today's top-seller of the music industry.

"Jive Talkinī" sing the mega-hits so faithfully that it believes the Bee Gees were on stage lives in bodily form. Before the idea of the Bee Gees - Cover project in 2002, each of the three singers for his own music career. Thomas (Barry Gibb), Frank (Robin Gibb) and Elmar (Maurice Gibb) all have a music degree and moved with their bands in Europe through the country.